DEL Training

Trainings focus on team building and using available resources.

Jennifer is a mental health counselor, state certified teacher, and Department of Early Learning Trainer with extensive experience in the Montessori classroom. Using tools from these varied disciplines, she works with teachers, parents, and caregivers to address issues that keep individual children from thriving and learning.


Available DEL Trainings:

Examining the Functions of Behavior: Participants will learn how to consider and identify the underlying reasons for problematic behaviors, then choose interventions that address those underlying issues.

Using this functional behavior lens participants will develop targeted plans to address behavioral challenges specific to their classroom.


ADHD Classroom Strategies: This training will equip parents and teachers with strategies to address ADHD struggles and behaviors.

Participants will choose interventions to address specific areas of concern, then establish measurable goals.

Measurable goals provide a tool for assessing the success of interventions. Successful interventions increase the confidence of attention challenged children.


Without Diagnosis: Parents, caregivers, and teachers are given an opportunity to explore accessible services on behalf of a child exhibiting early learning red flags. We will discuss concerns, access to services, and go home with practical stop gap solutions.

This training supports parent/teacher communication, build community, and honors the individual identity of children.



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Using Music to Develop Social Reciprocity: This training will equip parents and teachers with simple tools for engaging children in interactive social play.

Participants will become familiar with early signs of autism then use music and sensory play to build, imitation skills, expand joint attention, and create shared enjoyment between child and caregiver.



On Site Staff Training

  • Early Childhood & School Age Trainings
  • Department of Early Learning Advanced Trainer 
  • Choose session length (2-4 hours per session)
  • $90.00 per hour
  • STARS and CE credits available

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