Individual Counseling

Individual Therapy

Sometimes you just need someone to listen. There is something profound that happens when someone reflects back to you your own words and emotions. Sometimes we need this interaction to process our pain and confusion. In therapy you will hear your own thoughts reflected back to you in ways that allow you to better understand yourself and your situation.

In other situations you may benefit from a targeted plan for changing or challenging destructive behaviors, though patterns or relationships. Cognitive an behavioral therapies are used to address these challenges. Jennifer will help you practically and pragmatically uncover and address the specific issues keeping you from your goals.

Individual therapy clients work one-on-one—in a safe, caring, and confidential environment—to explore feelings, beliefs, or behaviors.  You may choose to meet for only a few session or may choose to use therapy as an ongoing part of your support system, either choice will be based on your goals and needs.


Disabilities Counseling

Not all counselors are equipped to provide individual counseling to adults or children with special needs, The counseling field acknowledges that counselors need special training to provide these services. Jennifer is a Developmental Disabilities Mental Health Specialist with extensive experience providing individual and group counseling to persons with special needs.